Our vision is to create a sustainable and uplifting future through the power of inspirational and reflective conversations.


We aim to inspire global leaders, teams, and organizations to transform their ways of thinking, being and doing, so that they embrace constant change with vitality and create versatile strategies to thrive sustainably.

We nurture a multi-talented community of professional credentialed Master Coaches collaborating and cooperating for the common good. Our coaching community offers various coaching styles and approaches along with a wide range of other tools to support our clients.

    Our journey began with a deep reflection on the future of the coaching profession. As coaches ourselves, we wanted the quality of our service to make a difference in the world and to help our profession grow. This led to the creation of Metaxio, as a quality coaching provider for organizations and coaches to thrive sustainably.

Isabelle Alpi, EMCC Master Practitioner Coach



Aspire to excellence We embrace a growth mindset that makes it possible for us to reach higher quality standards, continuously expand our skills and become more versatile. We build on scientific approaches and leverage the art of coaching to serve our clients’ purpose and success with a best in class boutique service. 


Leverage our international essence We are global citizens, multicultural by nature, open to diversity and exploration. We work with clients and partners who have a global perspective, and view the world as an open arena.

Honor people first People matter. In an increasingly digital world, we believe human connections and relationships truly make a difference. We deeply care for people, recognize in them our most important asset and put them at the core of all our strategies for success.

Form thriving partnerships We form partnerships that matter, develop long-lasting relationships of trust with our clients and our partners, and care for their optimal evolution and success. We nurture a flourishing and robust coaching community, where sharing, learning, growth and care guarantee long-term mutual accomplishment.

Stimulate meaningful impact We enable more meaning and positive impact, raise awareness and promote sustainability in all its aspects: economical, social and environmental. We inspire and support our clients and partners in their efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and to grow in a socially responsible way, creating a sustainable and engaging future for all.

Inspire vitality We are awareness openers and change boosters for global leaders, groups, and organizations. We nurture a proactive mindset, encourage fresh perspectives, and spark creative energy. We strive to be inspirational, highlighting the potential and opportunities in every situation. 

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