Empower. Transform. Thrive.


Individual Coaching

MetaCoach empowers changemakers to lead successful transformation to foster a sustainable future for both their organization and themselves.

Organizational Coaching

MetaOrg inspires organization to optimize overall performance, foster sustainable change, and nurture a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Team Coaching

MetaTeam empowers work teams to maximize collective performance, enhance effectiveness, advance transformation and better meet the needs of their stakeholders.

Group Coaching

MetaGroup stimulates the emergence of collective intelligence among a dynamic mix of change agents spanning different expertise to co-create innovative solutions.

We strive to guide individuals, teams and organizations on a transformative journey,  empowering changemakers to unleash their inherent power and embrace a career path filled with fulfillment, while enabling organizations to attain sustainable success.


Our identity is rooted in a community of international credentialed master coaches working together as a force for the common good. 

We all are curious, humble and constructive, always open to new ideas and perspectives. Our intrinsic richness lies in the multitude of coaching styles and approaches we can offer and in a large range of tools and resources all designed to support our clients’ growth and success.

We are driven by six core values: 

          1. Aspire to excellence, 
          2. Honor people first, 
          3. Form thriving partnerships, 
          4. Stimulate meaningful impact, 
          5. Inspire vitality, 
          6. Leverage our international essence.


Let’s explore together how we can best support you.

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